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Since 2006


Akuver.  Established in 2006, is a privately held company based in Monterrey, Mexico. Since inception, Akuver's core value is to deliver premier levels of customer service.


Through design, engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and service, the Akuver team provides unique and creative solutions customized to each client.  We base our success on a very simple principle: treat our Customers the way that we would like to be treated. Respect and professionalism are inherent characteristics of our company.


We have more than 250 employees, trained by industry leaders and 100% committed to provide only the best quality, service, and value to our clients.  As our most valued asset, we invest in our people along with our commitment to our customers.


We continue to improve our process and products, while providing significant value with exceptional quality. With our state-of-the-art equipment and reinvesting for development, growth and expansion; Akuver has you covered.

We will make your ideas a reality, from concept to execution.


Rapid quote turnaround


Initial drawings for approval and pre production sample execution 


Product Integration, testing and production release

Complete design and manufacturing processes with state of the art and advanced technologies.

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